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Crafted in Colorado

Cheeky Flamingo started out in a small apartment in Denver, CO. Kristy Jevons always thought that apparel should be as versatile and transformative as the people who wear it. Berkshire Blanket Scarf Tops are 4-in-1 garments that can be adjusted on the fly for any occasion. Whether you’re covering your bikini, you need an extra layer for your walk, or you just need a warm scarf, Cheeky Flamingo has got you covered. 


The Flamingo Way

By adding one simple seam to a scarf, you're able to transform a garment into something very useful and fashionable. This innovative, and efficient approach to material is what makes up the DNA of the Cheeky Flamingo brand. Life should be simple, and so should your accessories. There's no wrong way to wear our product. Get creative, have fun, and look good doing it.